Insurance with a retail twist

We have wide experience in retail trade and especially in electronics. But our Affinity insurance policies cover multiple industries and niches.

We customise our product insurance based on our partner’s wishes and needs – with involvement of the partner in a dialogue on the choice of product contents, terms and conditions.

Insurance products

Tryg Affinity has broad knowledge in customised insurance policies for a wide range of product groups. Scroll down to see some of the product groups in which we operate.

You are always welcome to contact us if you would like to hear more about how you get started selling insurance policies covering your product mix.

Sales concept

In a partnership with Tryg Affinity, you get one of the best sales concepts on the market for product insurance sales. Tryg Affinity provides 360-degree support – before, during and after. Regardless of whether you run a physical store, are a pure player or own both sales channels. ​

Customised insurance and sales concepts for the Nordics and Germany

Online concept

From visitors to converted customers

Product insurance in your webshop is a simple way to boost your revenue and your customers’ user journeys in connection with purchases and retention.

The essential aspect of Tryg Affinity’s online concept is to ensure that sales of your primary product are never disturbed in the purchase process. The concept helps support your business and increases the chance of your customers buying more expensive products and more products.

Contact us if you want to know more about our online concept.

Dedicated store consultants

We know that it needs to be simple to start up a partnership and that a good and informative beginning helps secure the foundation for good collaboration.

We customise and facilitate courses in which your employees receive training in all legislation applicable to insurance sales, and our store consultants also provide guidance in sales techniques that ensure successful onboarding of your employees in our insurance portfolio.

In connection with follow-up visits, our store consultants will provide advice, guidance and inspiration that support insurance sales and the individual employee. You can always contact our store consultants for questions or if you need to use them as sounding boards.